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Free Home Project List Printable

 I haven't posted on here in a while because I have been so busy moving and adjusting to our new house.

We purchased a 1969 fixer upper and it has been satisfying and stressful managing all of the work I want to do on this house to make it a home. We still have stuff in boxes and it was a struggle to make it through the holidays when we have project underway in the kitchen and don't even have a dining table to eat at.


I finally was able to unpack my printer and make this printable to help my visualize the projects to be completed in each room and help gauge my progress. Because I have learned it is hard to see just how far you have come when you have so much farther to go. It will be nice to be able to check things off a list and be able to track an accomplishment without wallowing in the fact that there is still so much left to do. 


This printable is in the size 8.5x11 and I keep mines in my home management binder because that just makes to most sense to me. If you want to see a video on how I use the printable and be disgusted by my awful handwriting the link to the video and printable is down below.



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