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Free Thanksgiving Menu Printable


Plus 1 Additon Flashcard Printable


Fall Decor Expense Tracker

 I am back again trying to work on my holiday binder and I am actually giving myself a budget this year on decor. So to actually stay on budget this year I am adding a fall decor spending tracker to my holiday planner. Hope this works. The button to download is below.      

Doubles Addition Math Flash Cards


2023 Year on 4 pages preplanning

 I have done this setup in past planners and it is so helpful for nailing down those important future dates. I usually don't keep more than 3 months of planning materials in my planner to cut down on bulk, so this is a great help for tracking the upcoming events that I don't currently have space to plan for. Print down below.    

Half Letter a5 2023 Year at a Glance

 Free Printable 2023 year at a glance for your half-letter or a5 planner. Print Below        

Home Management Binder Cover

I have been totally overwhelmed in my head with plans and ideas that I have for what direction I want this "Stepford endeavor" to go in. It's like sometimes I want to do Youtube other days its Tiktok and most days I want to just give up. I had way more success with animating and that was without even trying. But my passion does not lie there unfortunately and I keep finding myself coming back to Stepford Living and wanting to give it and honest shot. Part of the reason it has been so hard for me to commit to this project is insecurity and the other part is that I am so unorganized it gets overwhelming at times.  And how Stepfordian can I be if I let my thoughts and my home fall into disarray? So I am starting on building my home management binder. I only really have the cover solidified right now but its a start.  A cute start and that's all that matters. Right? Anyways the link to download will be down below