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Half-Letter Undated Day on One Page Free Printable

 I love making new things for all my planners and sharing them with you guys.

Unfortunately I am in the process of moving and renovating a new house and my blog has gotten away from me.

But in some good news I have still been creating printables and I plan to share all of them with you very soon. I have a backlog of about 40 FREE printables coming your way. As well as a super secret project that will be launching soon on my Youtube Channel. 

To give you a little something to tide you over until then I am releasing my undated day on one page daily planner spread and it has been working out so great for me. It was inspired by a couple designs I had buried on one of my Pinterest boards and I am so in love with the way it functions.


If you want to see how I use it. You can watch my breakdown video linked below.

And you can print here.

***As of right now and for the foreseeable future all of my daily planner inserts will be set to half letter size because that is the size that I use. There are multiple online resources for how to scale your printer setting to make these inserts work in your preferred size planner. Unfortunately these options might not work for all inserts or planner sizes. I apologize if this is the case but in order to continue with delivering planner resources at no cost I have to cut back on the time it takes to produce each insert. Thank you for being so understanding.


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